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Keeping Farmland in Farming: Lease Considerations for Landowners and Farmers

By: Andrew Branan

This publication covers the basics of leasing land for farming operations, from both a landowner and tenant perspective.

Landowner Solar Leasing: Contract Terms Explained

By: Andrew Branan, Theodore Feitshans, Molly Brewer

This factsheet explains the contract terms likely to be found in a solar ground leases.

Maintaining Forest Property Boundaries

By: Mark Megalos, Rick Hamilton, Andrew Branan Woodland Owner Notes

With the high value of timbered forest property today, landowners would be well-advised to take sufficient steps to protect their investment. Maintaining property lines and boundaries is one of the simplest, yet most often overlooked forms of protection from theft, trespass and encroachment. This publication details the importance of property lines and how to maintain or reestablish them.

Prevent Timber Trespass and Theft

By: Andrew Branan, Mark Megalos, Colby Lambert, Theodore Feitshans Eastern Forestry Notes

Tips for preventing timber trespass and theft are reviewed in this publication. Special documentation of pertinent laws, avoidance strategies and steps to take once your timber or property has been stolen or trespassed upon.

Limited Liability Companies: Steps in Formation

By: Andrew Branan

This Factsheet discusses the steps in forming an LLC in North Carolina for your farm.