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Landscaping for Wildlife with Native Plants

By: Christopher Moorman, Mark Johns, Liessa Thomas Bowen, Richard Braham, John Connors, Jesse Perry, Johnny Randall, Rebecca Vidra Urban Wildlife

North Carolina's native plants provide well-adapted food and cover for the state's wildlife. This publication describes how to develop a landscape of native plants that attracts a diverse mix of wildlife to your property.

Butterflies in Your Backyard

By: Christopher Moorman, Jeffrey Pippen, John Connors, Nick Haddad, Mark Johns, Jesse Perry, Liessa Thomas Bowen Urban Wildlife

You can attract the many butterflies found throughout North Carolina to your backyard by following the simple practices described in this publication.

Reptiles and Amphibians in Your Backyard

By: Christopher Moorman, Jill Anderson, Jeffrey Beane, Jeffrey Hall Urban Wildlife

As urban development continues to expand across the state, it is important that North Carolinians recognize the value of reptile and amphibian populations and learn how to conserve them.

Using Fire to Improve Wildlife Habitat

By: Christopher Moorman, Terry Sharpe, Jennifer Evans, Liessa Thomas

This publication discusses the benefits that land managers derive by managing wildlife habitat through controlled burning. The importance of fire to wildlife, when to burn, how to burn, and wildlife considerations are covered.

20. Wildlife

By: Christopher Moorman, Christopher DePerno, Lucy Bradley, Kathleen Moore

This Wildlife Chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook teaches readers to recognize the value of wildlife in the landscape and how to create a suitable back yard wildlife habitat. It also examines wildlife challenges and strategies discouraging pest, game, non-game, and federally protected migratory bird species.

Managing Backyards and Other Urban Habitats for Birds

By: Christopher Moorman, Mark Johns, Liessa Bowen, John Gerwin Urban Wildlife

This publication describes how homeowners can create backyards and other urban habitats that attract a variety of songbirds.

Conservation Subdivision Handbook

By: Susan Moore, Steve Allen, Leslie Moorman, Christopher Moorman, Nils Peterson, George Hess

Conservation subdivisions (CSDs) are a design strategy that attempts to preserve undivided, buildable tracts of land as communal open space for residents. This publication serves as a guide for the use of conservation design for land use planning. It covers the benefits of conservation subdivisions, barriers to its implementation in North Carolina and a case study in Orange County.

Developing Wildlife-Friendly Pine Plantations

By: Christopher Moorman, Rick Hamilton Woodland Owner Notes

This publication describes how to provide a suitable habitat for many wildlife species without significantly reducing timber production or cash flow from timber sales.