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Conservation Subdivision Handbook

By: Susan Moore, Steve Allen, Leslie Moorman, Christopher Moorman, Nils Peterson, George Hess

Conservation subdivisions (CSDs) are a design strategy that attempts to preserve undivided, buildable tracts of land as communal open space for residents. This publication serves as a guide for the use of conservation design for land use planning. It covers the benefits of conservation subdivisions, barriers to its implementation in North Carolina and a case study in Orange County.

Urban Wood Waste: A Guide to Managing Your Community's Resource

By: Karla Heinen, Megan Lawler, Melissa McHale, Nils Peterson

Effective wood waste management programs address the wood waste created in a community by treating it as a usable, and sometimes marketable, product. Through careful reuse and recycling, a wood waste management program can decrease forest management costs and the illegal and environmentally harmful dumping of wood waste. This publication covers statutes and regulations governing wood waste, ways to reuse wood waste and developing a wood waste plan.