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Integrated Pest Management Peanut Scouting Manual

By: Michael Linker, David Jordan, Rick Brandenburg, Jack Bailey, D. Ames Herbert, Patrick M. Phipps, Charles W. Swann

This scouting manual will help growers identify peanut pests and determine whether the number of pests is likely to decrease yield and cause profit losses greater than the cost of treatment. Topics covered include scouting for pests; insects; weeds; leaf, root, limb and pod diseases; seed and seedling rots; nematodes; and wilt virus.

Scouting for Stink Bug Damage in Southeast Cotton: Description and Use of a Pocket Scouting Decision Aid

By: Jack Bacheler, D. Ames Herbert, Jeremy Greene, Phillip Roberts, Michael Toews, Eric Blinka, Ron Smith

This publication describes how cotton growers in the Southeast can use a pocket-size scouting decision aid to assess and manage stink bug damage based on thresholds for different cotton growth stages.

Small Grain Production Guide

By: Randy Weisz, Gaylon Ambrose, Stephen Bambara, Christina Cowger, Carl Crozier, Wesley Everman, Ron Heiniger, D. Ames Herbert, David Jordan, Paul Murphy, Dominic Reisig

This production guide for wheat and other small grains grown in North Carolina includes sections on pre-plant considerations, fertility management, pest management and special considerations.