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Drylots Preserve Pastures

By: Bob Mowrey, Mike Yoder, R. Coleman Horse Feeding Management

This publication explains the functions of drylots and how to manage them to preserve forage quality in a pasture by reducing or eliminating grazing time during droughts and periods of heavy rainfall.

Feed Sampling and Analysis

By: Bob Mowrey, Mike Yoder, Tim Potter Horse Feeding Management

This publication explains how horse owners should routinely evaluate the nutrient content of their horses' feed. It also covers interpreting feed analysis reports to understand the actual nutrient content of feeds and develop balanced, cost-effective diets.

Nutrient Requirements for Horses

By: Bob Mowrey Horse Feeding Management

This factsheet will explain specific production situations where the requirements published in Nutrient Requirements of Horses from the National Research Council should be increased to better meet horses' nutrient needs.

Water Intake, Sweat Production and Electrolyte Supplementation in the Horse

By: Bob Mowrey Horse Feeding Management

This factsheet will clarify the water requirements of your horse and provide guidelines for effective electrolyte supplementation.

Managing Pastures to Feed Your Horse

By: Bob Mowrey, Kevin R. Pond

This publication will explain your horse’s nutritional requirements, and how careful pasture management can produce low-cost, high-quality forage that minimizes or perhaps eliminates the need for feeding grain and mineral supplements.

Body Condition Scoring: A Management Tool for the Broodmare Owner

By: Bob Mowrey Mare & Foal Nutrition

This publication addresses the effect of body condition on the reproductive performance of mares as well as using the body condition scoring system on mature horses in all production situations to assess and adjust body condition.