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Stormwater Wetland Construction Guidance

By: Mike Burchell, Bill Hunt, Kris Bass, Jason Wright Urban Waterways

Stormwater wetlands perform well in reducing peak flows and pollutant removal when properly designed and constructed. These wetland construction guidelines are based on experience gained at more than 30 sites across North Carolina.

Stormwater Wetlands for Golf Courses

By: Kris Bass, Mike Burchell, Robert Evans, Bill Hunt, Daniel Line, Danesha Seth Carley

Golf courses provide a unique setting for wetlands that can be used to provide both an environmental benefit and an aesthetic amenity. The research-based recommendations in this publication are intended to help you optimize concepts and designs for your next project.

Dune Infiltration Systems for Reducing Stormwater Discharge to Coastal Recreational Beaches

By: Mike Burchell, Bill Hunt, William Price

An innovative Dune Infiltration System (DIS) has been developed to help prevent polluted stormwater from reaching the ocean. The goal of this factsheet is to introduce this technology to coastal towns that want to reduce the potential impact of stormwater discharge to their beaches.

Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction, and Maintenance

By: Bill Hunt, Bill Lord Urban Waterways

This guide provides a review of recent bioretention research and its impact on design, construction, and maintenance of bioretention stormwater systems.

Water Quality of Rooftop Runoff: Implications for Residential Water Harvesting Systems

By: Kathy DeBusk, Bill Hunt, Deanna Osmond, Greg Cope Urban Waterways

This publication discusses the presence of various pollutants in rooftop runoff and establishes some general guidelines regarding the use of collected rainwater in North Carolina.

Choosing a Pump for Rainwater Harvesting

By: Bill Hunt, Matthew Jones Urban Waterways

A pump for the cistern or tank of a water-harvesting system can increase the system's uses significantly. In this publication get step-by-step guidance on how to choose a pump to best suit the system.

Stormwater Management for Coastal Homeowners

By: Bill Hunt, Gloria Putnam, Lin Xu, Grace R. Lawrence Coast*A*Syst

This question and answer worksheet will help coastal homeowners focus on potential problems with the pollution and health risks of water protection practices and the effects on water sources from stormwater management. Car/truck wastes, yard/garden wastes, animal wastes, rain gardens and rainwater runoff are covered.

Designing Stormwater Wetlands for Small Watersheds

By: Bill Hunt, Barbara Doll Urban Waterways

This publication focuses on stormwater wetlands: their function, effectiveness, design,advantages and liabilities and costs.

Mosquito Control for Stormwater Facilities

By: Bill Hunt, Charles Apperson, Bill Lord Urban Waterways

This factsheet provides a review of strategies for designing and maintaining stormwater facilities to limit mosquito populations.

Urban Stormwater Structural BMPs

By: Bill Hunt

This publication will review a number of the structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be constructed to treat runoff and thereby reduce the amount of pollution entering streams.

Permeable Pavements, Green Roofs and Cisterns

By: Bill Hunt, Laura Szpir Urban Waterways

This publication describes structural stormwater practices that filter and reduce stormwater runoff from residential and commercial developments: permeable pavements, green roofs and cisterns. The practices described can be used in low-impact development to conserve a site's natural response to rainfall.

Maintenance of Stormwater Wetlands and Wet Ponds

By: Bill Hunt, Bill Lord Urban Waterways

This publication presents maintenance guidelines for stormwater wetlands and wet ponds, two stormwater practices that are being constructed across North Carolina. Stormwater management practices must be kept in proper working order to maintain their intended functions and aesthetic appeal.

Stormwater BMPs for Trout Waters

By: Bill Hunt, Matthew Jones Urban Waterways

Stormwater heated by pavement and rooftop materials can affect aquatic ecosystems in streams, especially coldwater trout streams, because of high temperatures. This web only publication describes recent research on stormwater BMPs near coldwater streams and recommends design modifications that can be applied to stormwater wetlands, wet ponds and bioretention areas to moderate stormwater runoff temperature.

Stormwater Wetland Design Update: Zones, Vegetation, Soil, and Outlet Guidance

By: Bill Hunt, Jason Wright, Mike Burchell, Kris Bass Urban Waterways

These new design guidelines for stormwater wetlands focus on four design points: internal wetland zones, herbaceous plants that thrive in stormwater wetlands, a proper growing medium, and the importance of a flexible outlet structure and its construction.

Rainwater Harvesting: Guidance for Homeowners

By: Bill Hunt, Matthew Jones Urban Waterways

A rainwater harvesting system captures stormwater runoff, often from a rooftop, and stores the water in a cistern for later use. In this guide for homeowners, the authors describe the components of a rainwater harvesting system and how they work together. Guidelines for choosing, sizing and installing the components are included.

Stormwater Wetlands and Ecosystem Services

By: Bill Hunt, Tricia Lynn Moore Urban Waterways

This design bulletin for stormwater wetland designers and managers introduces the concept of ecosystem services, reviews how stormwater wetlands provide many of these services and describes how wetland design can enhance ecosystem services.

Improving Exfiltration from BMPs: Research and Recommendations

By: Bill Hunt, Robert Brown Urban Waterways

In this publication, we summarize the current research and describe construction methods that developers can use to more effectively meet the goals of low impact development and stormwater management.

Removal of Pathogens in Stormwater

By: Jon Hathaway, Bill Hunt Urban Waterways

Controlling pathogens in runoff presents a growing challenge for stormwater managers and designers. This fact sheet provides an overview of pathogens: what they are, how they affect people, and how they are regulated; describes their association with stormwater runoff; and investigates stormwater management practices that may limit pathogen presence in surface waters.