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Landowner Solar Leasing: Contract Terms Explained

By: Ted Feitshans, Molly Brewer

This factsheet explains the contract terms likely to be found in a solar ground leases.

Threshold Issues for Landowner Solar Leasing

By: Ted Feitshans, Molly Brewer

This factsheet covers several factors to consider when leasing farmland for solar farm purposes. Property titles, site selection, easements, zoning, and other legal issues are discussed.

Your Estate Plan - Where to Begin

By: Ted Feitshans, Mark Megalos, Sreedevi Gummuluri, Guido van der Hoeven Estate Planning in North Carolina

To begin an estate plan, identify your goals and gather needed information before seeking professional advice. Schedule a family meeting to begin shaping your objectives. The checklist of estate objectives and other guidance in this publication will help you begin.

Estate Plan Documents Explained

By: Ted Feitshans, Carolyn Bird, Mark Megalos Estate Planning in North Carolina

Preparing an estate plan requires more than a will. This publication describes the basic documents needed to prepare a comprehensive estate plan.

Evaluating Conservation Easements, Solar Leases, and Land Lease Proposals

By: Ted Feitshans

This publication offers information on questions and considerations to be aware of when planning for solar energy on a farm.

Land Ownership, Liability, and the Law in North Carolina

By: Ted Feitshans, Robert Bardon, Ed Jones, Rick Hamilton, Mark Megalos Woodland Owner Notes

This publication explains the major laws impacting a landowner’s liability in North Carolina and the responsibilities landowners have for invited and uninvited users of their property.

Maintaining Forest Property Boundaries

By: Mark Megalos, Rick Hamilton, Ted Feitshans Woodland Owner Notes

With the high value of timbered forest property today, landowners would be well-advised to take sufficient steps to protect their investment. Maintaining property lines and boundaries is one of the simplest, yet most often overlooked forms of protection from theft, trespass and encroachment. This publication details the importance of property lines and how to maintain or reestablish them.

Management of Single Family and Small Community Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems

By: Mike Hoover, W. J. Wicker, T. J. Hoban, Ted Feitshans, A. R. Rubin SoilFacts

The legal means for establishing sophisticated wastewater management programs have existed for some time in North Carolina; however, few communities or counties have used these programs to manage septic systems. Recent changes in state septic system rules will provide an incentive for communities to become involved in this process. This publication explains why these management programs are necessary and briefly introduces 12 options for implementing them.

Deciding How to Structure Your Business

By: Ted Feitshans

This publication provides basic information about the forms of business organizations (corporations, partnerships, etc.) available in North Carolina.