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Herbaceous Plants for Wildlife

By: Ed Jones, Scott J. Phelps, Mark Megalos Working With Wildlife

This publication describes methods for maintaining and establishing herbaceous plants as valuable sources of food and cover for wildlife in North Carolina.

Land Ownership, Liability, and the Law in North Carolina

By: Ted Feitshans, Robert Bardon, Ed Jones, Rick Hamilton, Mark Megalos Woodland Owner Notes

This publication explains the major laws impacting a landowner’s liability in North Carolina and the responsibilities landowners have for invited and uninvited users of their property.

Managing Beaver Ponds

By: Ed Jones, Mark Megalos, J. Chris Turner Working With Wildlife

This publication reviews the benefits of beavers and methods to manage and enhance beaver ponds.

Woodland Wildlife Nest Boxes

By: Ed Jones, Mark Megalos, Scott J. Phelps Working With Wildlife

This publication provides information on constructing and placing artificial nesting boxes to attract birds and other wildlife to your property.

Wildlife and Forest Stewardship

By: Ed Jones, Mark Megalos, Rick Hamilton, Peter Bromley Woodland Owner Notes

Developing forestland to continually produce timber and provide wildlife habitat requires an active management plan. Forest stewardship, the process of managing all of the forest’s natural resources together, enables us to conserve our forest resources, including timber, wildlife, soil and water. Forestry and wildlife management are not only compatible, they are interrelated. Managing for wildlife habitat can even improve forest productivity. This publication describes the basic concepts of management, showing how forestry operations affect wildlife habitat.

A Landowner's Guide to Working with Recreationists

By: Ed Jones, Peter Bromley Woodland Owner Notes

With an increase statewide in outdoor activity, many landowners report unacceptable levels of trespass, littering, property damage and game law violations. This publication discusses (1) liability, (2) ethical standards for recreationists, (3) alternative ways of managing access to private lands, and (4) dealing with trespass.