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North Carolina Grains for Brewing and Distilling: FAQ

By: Molly Hamilton, Chris Reberg-Horton

This factsheet offers FAQs for distillers/brewers/maltsters wishing to use North Carolina-grown grain in their product, as well as FAQs for farmers looking to enter the distilling/brewing/malting market.

Chapter 7: Weed Management

By: Chris Reberg-Horton, Randy Weisz, Alan York, George Place, Molly Hamilton

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Grain Production Guide discusses cultural, mechanical and chemical tactics used for weed control in organic farming.

Chapter 10: Marketing Organic Grain Crops and Budgets

By: Molly Hamilton, Ron Heiniger

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Grain Production Guide offers enterprise budgets for organic corn, wheat and soybeans.

Organic Edamame Production

By: Molly Hamilton CEFS Field Notes for Farmers

This field note for farmers describes organic production of edamame, large-seeded vegetable soybeans. Topics covered include variety selection, planting, pest management, harvesting, and marketing. Included are variety trial results conducted at the Center for Environmental Systems (CEFS) in 2003. Results include germination rates, yield information, and harvest dates for 12 edamame cultivars.

Chapter 1: Introduction

By: Chris Reberg-Horton, Molly Hamilton

The North Carolina Organic Grain Production Guide provides farmers, Extension personnel and other agricultural educators with information about organic production, certification and marketing of grain crops. The introduction provides background context and additional resources on the topic.

Chapter 2: Organic Crop Production Systems

By: Ron Heiniger, Chris Reberg-Horton, Molly Hamilton

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Grain Production Guide defines the key components of organic production systems: crop sequence, crop management, soil management and pest management.

Organic Certification for Field Crops: A Guide

By: Molly Hamilton, Tony Kleese, J. Riddle, Amy Griner, Myron Fountain, Chris Reberg-Horton

This guide provides an overview of the organic certification process and describes the records that farmers must maintain to meet the requirements for organic certification. It includes sample forms that illustrate a recordkeeping system for an organic farm.