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Success with Container Production of Twelve Herb Species

By: Brian Whipker, James Gibson, Raymond Cloyd

Interest in growing herbs for the retail and wholesale market has increased greatly over the past few years. Growers who have had success in the production of bedding plants have found another profitable avenue in herb production. Herbs have cultural requirements similar to bedding plants and it should be easy for greenhouse growers to add herbs to their production schedule. The majority of herbs discussed in this article can be sown, transplanted, and finished by the grower. This publication will focus on the production of the “top twelve” herbs and provides general guidelines for seed propagation.

Guide to Successful Outdoor Garden Mum Production

By: Brian Whipker, Raymond Cloyd Horticulture Information Leaflets

Garden mums are a traditional fall crop and are fairly easy to grow. They also can be profitable. This factsheet discusses some of the cultural guidelines to follow in growing garden mums.

Success with Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

By: Brian Whipker, James Gibson, Raymond Cloyd, Ray Campbell, Ron Jones Horticulture Information Leaflets

Ornamental cabbage and kale have become increasingly popular as fall crops because they have colorful, long lasting foliage. They will often remain colorful until temperatures drop and are well suited to areas of the Southern United States which have mild winters. Ornamental cabbage and kale are also excellent complements to garden chrysanthemums and fall pansies, and will help increase overall sales.

Success with Ornamental Vegetables as Floricultural Crops

By: Brian Whipker, James Gibson, Raymond Cloyd, Ron Jones Horticulture Information Leaflets

Ornamental cabbage and kale have been the traditional ornamental vegetables for providing colorful and attractive foliage during the fall and winter months. Recently leafy vegetables, in particular oriental mustards, have become popular for landscape plantings during the cool season. Leafy vegetables which have been popular in salads and stir-fry dishes are now being adopted by curators of botanical gardens and landscape contractors as specimen plants, border plants, and in mass plantings. Planted with pansies and garden mums, these vegetables offer a change of texture and foliar color.