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Getting the Most From Your Tax Refund

By: Carolyn Bird Smart Money Tips

The decisions you make at tax time determine how much of any tax refund money will reach your wallet. These suggestions can help you get the maximum benefit from your refund.

What to Do If You Lose Your Job: Spend Less

By: Carolyn Bird Take Control for Your Future

In the event of income or job loss, it is important to reduce family spending right away. Even if you think you will have a new job soon, failing to do this right away can add to the stress and pressure of finding a new job. This factsheet outlines some options to cut and prioritize spending.

Ideas to Help You Save Money at Home

By: Carolyn Bird, Sarah Kirby Take Control for Your Future

There are a number of things you can do each day to help reduce the cost of running a household. This publication offers some simple ideas to help you get started.

Tips to Prevent Home Foreclosure

By: Carolyn Bird Take Control for Your Future

If you are having difficulty making your mortgage payment, one of the most important things you can do is seek assistance right away, if possible before you even miss a payment. Lenders do not want to take your house. This publication will offer tips on preventing foreclosure and how to get help if you're at risk of foreclosure.

Talking with Your Creditors

By: Carolyn Bird Take Control for Your Future

If you have trouble making minimum payments on your credit cards, creditors, in general, will be more likely to work with your family if you contact them before they contact you. This publication offers tips on speaking with your creditors and making a plan to get out of debt.

Health Care Coverage for You and Your Family

By: Carolyn Bird Take Control for Your Future

This factsheet covers different programs available to help with health care costs during unemployment.

Get a Deal on Your Wheels

By: Carolyn Bird, Andrew Behnke Take Control for Your Future

If you have a need to buy a car, this publication offers some tips to help you get the most for your money.

Consumer Credit Counseling

By: Carolyn Bird

Consumer credit counseling can help struggling consumers restructure their debt payments within their household budgets. This factsheet offers some tips on selecting a credit counseling agency and what to expect from an agency.