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Zoysiagrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar

By: Arthur Bruneau, Fred Yelverton, Henry Wetzel, Charles Peacock, Rick Brandenburg, Daniel Bowman, Richard Cooper, Cale A. Bigelow Lawn Maintenance Calendars

This publication for homeowners and landscapers describes how to mow, fertilize, irrigate, and control weeds in a zoysiagrass lawn.

Tall Fescue & Kentucky Bluegrass Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar

By: Arthur Bruneau, Richard Cooper, Fred Yelverton, Henry Wetzel, Rick Brandenburg, Daniel Bowman, Charles Peacock, Cale A. Bigelow

This calendar of suggested management practices is designed to assist you in the seasonal care of your athletic field. Location, terrain, soil type and condition, age of field, previous management practices, and other factors affect turf performance. For these reasons, the following management practices and dates should be adjusted to suit your particular athletic field conditions.

Water Quality and Commercial Lawn Care

By: Arthur Bruneau, James Monroe, Matt Martin, Emily Erickson, Charles Peacock, Daniel Bowman, Fred Yelverton Water Quality & Turfgrass Area Development

This publication describes the best management practices (BMP) to reduce sediment and keep nutrients and pesticides applied to turf from contaminating North Carolina's water resources.