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Planting Guide for Forage Crops in North Carolina

By: J. T. Green, Paul Mueller, D. S. Chamblee

This planting guide, provides the best available information about planting rates, depths, and stand evaluation for forage crops commonly grown in North Carolina

Bermudagrass Management in North Carolina

By: Paul Mueller, Jim Green, Rick Brandenburg, D. S. Chamblee, J. C. Burns, J. E. Bailey

This publication covers the different types of bermudagrass, uses of bermudagrasses, planting methods and the grasses' pests and diseases.

Production and Utilization of Pastures and Forages in North Carolina

By: D. S. Chamblee, J. T. Green

This publication addresses a wide spectrum of forage production and utilization principles and practices. Contributions to this effort were made by 37 authors from four organizations: Agricultural Research Service, USDA; North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services; North Carolina State University (researchers and extension specialists from eight departments); and Soil Conservation Service, USDA.

Extending the Grazing Season: Growing Annual or Perennial Grasses or Legumes in Mixture with Hybrid Bermudagrass

By: D. S. Chamblee, Paul Mueller

The studies described in this publication show the potential productive capacity of combinations of hybrid bermudagrass with different annual or perennial grasses or legumes.