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2020 Quick Guide to Forestry Herbicides Used for Softwood and Hardwood Site Preparation and Release

By: Colby Lambert, Kelly Oten, Mark Megalos

A quick guide providing commonly used herbicides used in forest site preparation and release treatments. Tables are broken into (1) conifer site preparation, (2) hardwood plantation site preparation, (3) hardwood natural regeneration site preparation, (4) conifer early release, (5) early hardwood release, (6) cut surface herbicides used for intermediate or crop tree release. Each table provides the herbicide active ingredient, trade names of labels approved for forestry applications, best time of year to use the herbicide, target species, and species that are resistant to the herbicide. The trade names are linked to the most recent specimen label so users may look up the details of that brand for safety, mixing, and delivery methods. The links use the CDMS database for specimen labels: