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Growing Pecans in North Carolina

By: Michael Parker, Kenneth Sorensen, Jason Brock

This publication explains how to start and maintain a successful pecan orchard on a large or small scale.

Commercial Production of Pickling and Slicing Cucumbers in North Carolina

By: Jonathan Schultheis, Charles Averre, Mike Boyette, Ed Estes, Gerald Holmes, David Monks, Kenneth Sorensen

This comprehensive factsheet for farmers describes recommended practices for producing pickling and slicing cucumbers.

A Guide to Intensive Vegetable Systems

By: D. C. Sanders, Ed Estes, K. B. Perry, David Monks, Kenneth Sorensen, Charles Averre, Michael Linker, Jonathan Schultheis, Mike Boyette, D. Eikhoff

Intensive Vegetable Production refers to a system of marketing and producing vegetable crops in which great attention is placed on detail and optimization of resources such as land, capital, labor, equipment, transportation to market and management time. The objective of such a system is maximum profit for the farm. The system you choose should take into account your location, availability of markets, production seasons and personal interest. This publication covers irrigation, plastic mulch, pest management, precision seeding, market preparation and many other facets of intensive vegetable production.

Muscadine Grape Production Guide for North Carolina

By: Barclay Poling, Charles Mainland, William Bland, Bill Cline, Kenneth Sorensen

This muscadine grape production guide will help the increasing number of North Carolina farmers who are considering growing and marketing this fruit as a farm diversification option.


By: Michael Parker, Wayne Mitchem, Kenneth Sorensen, Bill Bunn, Stephen Toth Crop Profiles for North Carolina Agriculture

How to manage pesticides to control insects, diseases, weeds and other crop pests of pecans in North Carolina are covered in detail.

Commercial Pepper Production in North Carolina

By: D.C. Sanders, Charles Averre, Kenneth Sorensen, Ed Estes, E.O. Beasley, Rich Bonanno

This comprehensive publication covers all aspects of commercial pepper production in North Carolina, including soils, insect issues, fertilization, weed management and harvesting and handling.