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2019 Cotton Information

By: Keith Edmisten, Guy Collins, Carl Crozier, Alan York, David Hardy, Dominic Reisig, Gary Bullen, Lindsey Thiessen, Rachel Atwell Vann, Charlie Cahoon, Bill Foote

2019 Cotton Information is meant to help growers plan for the coming year and make management decisions based on the unique opportunities and challenges the year might bring.

Cotton Production with Conservation Tillage

By: Alan York, Keith Edmisten, Guy Collins, Rachel Atwell Vann, Alan York, Bill Foote

This publication, chapter 13 of the 2019 Cotton Information handbook, covers the role of conservation tillage as it relates to cotton production.

Peanut Seed

By: David Jordan, Bill Foote

This publication, chapter 2 of the 2019 Peanut Information handbook, presents information on peanut seed.