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Fred G. Bond Scholarships for Students Interested in Tobacco

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The Fred G. Bond Scholarship Endowment provides scholarships for two- or four-year undergraduate students or for graduate students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University. Recipients must be planning to pursue careers in the tobacco industry—specializing in tobacco farming, in corporate or university tobacco research, or in Extension work relating to tobacco production.

Undergraduate applicants from tobacco farms in the southeastern United States have priority in the selection of Bond Scholarship recipients. Scholarships will be awarded to in-state students ($1,500 per year) and out-of-state students ($3,000 per year) and continue as long as the student maintains a “B” average.

The Bond Scholarships are in memory of Fred G. Bond, who served the tobacco industry for 43 years, including 23 years as chief executive officer of the Flue-Cured Cooperative Stabilization Corporation. During his distinguished career, Bond represented flue-cured tobacco growers in the six flue-cured tobacco-growing states in many critical situations, and he provided leadership to numerous tobacco industry, civic, and local political boards and organizations.


Students accepted or continuing in the college’s two- or four-year undergraduate program or in the graduate program are sent a letter containing the following statement:

The College’s scholarship program is a part of our commitment to attract outstanding students. College scholarships are available to entering students based on academic merit as well as financial need. In order to be considered for academic merit scholarships, you need only complete and return a scholarship application, which is available from the Academic Programs Office. Call (919) 515-2614. There is no special application form for the Bond Scholarship.


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Publication date: Jan. 3, 2019

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