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Abiotic disorder - frost damage


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Healthy flowers with darken dead centers, dead flowers, misshaped friut, dead fruit.

Strawberry flower with brown/black center.

Frost damage strawberry flower.

Rocco D Schiavone

Newly opened flower with brown center.

Flower damaged at popcorn stage.

Rocco D Schiavone

Similar Problems

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Boron defficiency, calcium defficiency, thrips.

Additional Information

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Visible within 24 hours of frost/freeze event.

Diagnostic Tips

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Similar to poor pollination. Open flowers are most vulnerable. Critical temperatures are 30°F for open flowers, 28°F for fruit and 22-27°F for tight flowers.

Corrective Measures

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Sanitation and botrytis control spray may be helpful.


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Protect flowers/fruit from freeze and frost with overhead irrigation or row covers in spring when plants begin to grow and have more than a few open blooms.

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Funding was provided in part by the National Sustainable Agriculture Program: Sustainable Strawberry Initiative and the following sources.

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Publication date: March 25, 2014

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