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2,4-D herbicide injury

Strawberry plant with twisted petioles and deformed leaves.

2,4-D herbicide injury 48 hours after application.

Rocco D Schiavone

Strawberry plant with lead deformation and twisted petioles.

2,4-D injury 5 days after application.

Rocco D Schiavone

Strawberry plant with dead leaves and petioles.

Strawberry with 2,4-D injury 10 days after application.

Rocco D Schiavone


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Leaf and petiole distortion with twisting and bending. Fruit fasciation. Plant death.

Similar Problems

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Other auxin herbicides such as dicambia will cause similar damage to strawberry plants.

Additional Information

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When used in matted row apply in winter on dormant plants or post harvest as a renovation treatment. May cause injury from drift when applied to adjacent turf or crops. Use amine formulation only when applied to strawberries.

Diagnostic Tips

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Injury will be evident soon after exposure. Plant will grow rapidly with twisted foliage before death.

Corrective Measures

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No corrective measures available.


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Avoid use of broadleaf herbicide near strawberry field. Avoid pesticide application during wind. Use large droplet size and low pressure to avoid drift. If used in matted row system be sure plants are dormant for winter application.

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Funding was provided in part by the National Sustainable Agriculture Program: Sustainable Strawberry Initiative and the following sources.

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Publication date: May 18, 2014

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