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Fumigation injury

A poorly developed strawberry plant with dead outer leaves and s

Stunted plug plant 6 weeks after transplanting in wet soil.

Rocco D Schiavone

very small strawberry plant with yellow leaves.

Stunted strawberry pant with chlorotic leaves 12 weeks after planting.

Rocco D Schiavone

section of small strawberry plants with normal plants on ends

Several stunted plants where fumigation rig stopped while fumigant being applied.

Rocco D Schiavone


Plant death shortly after planting, plant stunting, plant yellowing.

Similar Problems

Herbicide injury, fertilizer injury, drought injury - lack of water during establishment.

Additional Information

Damage can vary from death within days of planting to only slight stunting. Cool moist conditions do not favor fumigant dissipation.

Diagnostic Tips

Damage may be more prevalent in wetter areas and heavier soils. During very wet years injury may be through entire field. Secondary infection on affected tissue may be present. Small areas of affected plants will be present where fumigation rig stops prior to turning off fumigant.

Corrective Measures

May be able to replant if problem is discovered shortly after planting and fumigant has dissipated. Punch holes 24 hours prior to plating if fumigant residue is detected to allow fumigant to escape. Plant a few test plants several days prior to planting entire field if in doubt.


Apply fumigant at proper rate. Allow extra time between application and planting if conditions are cool and wet. Fumigate earlier than minimal plant back date to allow for poor environmental conditions.

Funding Sources

Funding was provided in part by the National Sustainable Agriculture Program: Sustainable Strawberry Initiative and the following sources.

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Publication date: March 25, 2014

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