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Riparian Buffers and Controlled Drainage to Reduce Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution

By: Deanna Osmond, J. Wendell Gilliam, Robert Evans

This technical bulletin discusses riparian buffers and controlled drainage as best practices to reduce nonpoint (diffuse runoff) water pollution in North Carolina's basins. The article covers in-depth explanations of riparian buffers and controlled drainage; designs, how they work to protect stream health and reduce nitrogen and pesticides. Recommendations for best practices are provided for the coastal plain, lower coastal plain and Tidewater, middle and upper coastal plain, Piedmont and mountain regions. A glossary of terms is included.

Rural Land Use, Water Movement & Coastal Water Quality

By: Robert Evans, J. Paul Lilly, R. Wayne Skaggs, J. Wendell Gilliam

This publication will help you understand hydrology (the movement of water above and below ground) and how it influences the effectiveness of management practices aimed at improving coastal water quality.