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Zoning and Land Use Regulation of Forestry

By: Brandon King, Mark Megalos, Robert Bardon Woodland Owner Notes

This publication discusses how zoning and land use regulations impact the practice of forestry in North Carolina. The publication also explains planning jurisdictions, components of a zoning ordinance, and where to go for more information.

Keeping Farmland in Farming: Lease Considerations for Landowners and Farmers

By: Andrew Branan

This publication covers the basics of leasing land for farming operations, from both a landowner and tenant perspective.

Landowner Solar Leasing: Contract Terms Explained

By: Andrew Branan, Theodore Feitshans, Molly Brewer

This factsheet explains the contract terms likely to be found in a solar ground leases.

Threshold Legal Issues Concerning Solar Development Opportunities

By: Andrew Branan, JD, Theodore Feitshans, Molly Brewer

This factsheet covers several factors to consider when leasing farmland for solar farm purposes. Property titles, site selection, easements, zoning, and other legal issues are discussed.

Limited Liability Companies: Steps in Formation

By: Andrew Branan

This Factsheet discusses the steps in forming an LLC in North Carolina for your farm.

New Reporting Rules for Lump-Sum Timber Sales

By: Guido van der Hoeven

On May 28, 2009, new rules for reporting of lump-sum timber sales went into effect. This document outlines these new rules.

Solar and Wind Energy Development Opportunities: Tax Implications

By: Guido van der Hoeven

This factsheet covers solar and wind energy tax implications for landowners, businesses, and government.

Solar Energy Resources for Local Government and Residents in North Carolina

By: Tommy Cleveland, PE

This factsheet lists solar energy resources for residents of North Carolina.

Solar Generation Property Taxation

By: Guido van der Hoeven

This factsheet covers personal property tax evaluation for solar equipment on farms.

Evaluating Conservation Easements, Solar Leases, and Land Lease Proposals

By: Ted Feitshans

This publication offers information on questions and considerations to be aware of when planning for solar energy on a farm.

Insurance Coverage Options for Fresh Produce Growers

By: Roderick Rejesus, Annette Dunlap Food Safety

This publication provides information to help produce growers understand the variety of insurance coverage or policies available to best cover their farms.

Solar Panel Materials, End of Life, and Regulation

By: Tommy Cleveland, PE

This factsheet discusses issues relating to the end-of-life and decommissioning of a solar farm.

A Guide to Price-Risk Management in Grain Marketing for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

By: Nick Piggott

This guide summarizes marketing options for grain and soybean growers and explains how to use basis, the difference between cash and futures prices, to evaluate marketing options.

What Is Solar?

By: Tommy Cleveland, George Flowers

This factsheet serves as an overview for North Carolinians interested in learning about the different types of solar technology available and how they can be used.

Deciding How to Structure Your Business

By: Ted Feitshans

This publication provides basic information about the forms of business organizations (corporations, partnerships, etc.) available in North Carolina.

Forage Economics

By: Geoff Benson, Jim Green

This 8-page publication will help producers make decisions about growing or buying forage, and about harvesting, storage, and feeding options. Forages are an essential part of a ruminant animal's diet and are an important factor in a profitable farm business.