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Browse by Collection: 2024 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

2024 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

By: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

This manual, updated every year, covers pesticide use and safety information, chemical application equipment, fertilizer use, insect control, chemical weed control, plant growth regulators, animal damage control and disease control.


This publication lists abbreviations used in the North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual.

Pesticide Use and Safety Information

By: Wayne Buhler

This publication describes restricted-use pesticides, the safe use of pesticides and evaluating the potential for groundwater contamination.

Chemical Application Equipment

By: Gary Roberson, Jason Ward

This publication covers cleaning and calibrating chemical application equipment, such as dusters, spreaders and sprayers.

How to Send Specimens for Disease, Insect, and Weed Identification

By: Matt Bertone

This publication explains how and where to send specimens for disease, insect and weed identification.

Insect and Disease Control of Fruits

By: Jim Walgenbach, Sara Villani, Steven Frank, Dominic Reisig, Katie Jennings, Bill Cline, Meredith Favre, Dave Ritchie

This publication covers insect and disease control in apples, blueberries, caneberries, grapes, peaches, pecans and strawberries.

Animal Damage Control

By: C.S. DePerno

This publication explains control measures that can be taken due to animal damage of crops.