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2019 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

By: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

This manual, updated every year, covers pesticide use and safety information, chemical application equipment, fertilizer use, insect control, chemical weed control, plant growth regulators, animal damage control and disease control.

Pond Management Guide

By: Jim Rice, J.M. Fisk, K. Hining, Robert Richardson, Skip Thompson

This guide summarizes the basic principles of managing recreational ponds and the requirements for producing and maintaining high-quality fishing in a pond. Its purpose is to help the reader develop an effective pond management plan.

Hydrilla: A Rapidly Spreading Aquatic Weed in North Carolina

By: Stratford H. Kay

This publication provides information on the origin, distribution, impact, biology, reproduction and management options of hydrilla.

Using Grass Carp (White Amur) for Aquatic Weed Management in North Carolina

By: Robert Richardson, Jeffrey Buckel, Jim Rice

This publication covers the use of triploid sterile grass carp for biological control of aquatic vegetation in the United States.

Weed Management in Small Ponds

By: Stratford H. Kay

This publication describes how to prevent the excessive growth of aquatic weeds in small ponds by selecting the proper site, using an effective design and preventing nutrient runoff.

Weed Control in Irrigation Water Supplies

By: Stratford H. Kay

This publication describes safe and effective techniques for managing aquatic weeds in irrigation ponds.