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Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles: Identifying and Controlling Fabric Pests

By: Sydney Crawley, Matt Bertone Household Pests

This publication describes common fabric pests, their habits, and what to do if you find an infestation of these pests and how to prevent damage.

Phorid Flies

By: Sydney Crawley, Matt Bertone

Phorid flies are small flies that breed in moist, decaying organic matter and can be a problem in and around homes. This factsheet covers their identification, biology, habits, management and control.

Fungus Gnats Indoors

By: Michael Waldvogel, Patricia Alder, Sydney Crawley Household Pests

This Entomology Insect Note provides information on the identification and control of fungus gnats in the household.

Mosquito Control Around Homes and in Communities

By: Sydney Crawley Biting and Stinging Pests

This Entomology Insect Note addresses mosquito biology and how to control mosquitoes around homes and in communities.

Common Pantry Pests and their Management

By: Sydney Crawley, Matt Bertone

Grain products and other foodstuffs kept in kitchen cabinets, pantries, or storage areas can arrive infested or become infested with insects and other arthropods. These food thieves are colloquially referred to as “pantry pests'' since they invade foods that are frequently stored in the pantry. Most human food products, and even pet or wild animal foods, are susceptible to damage by stored product pests. Beetles (Order: Coleoptera) and moths (Order: Lepidoptera) are the most important insect groups responsible for contamination of foodstuffs in the United States, so we will focus on these groups for this fact sheet.