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Washing and Sanitizing Kitchen Items

By: Benjamin Chapman Disaster Recovery

This factsheet offers instructions for cleaning and sanitizing kitchen dishes, utensils, and cooking implements after a flood.

Helping Children Cope With Stress

By: Kim Allen

This publication describes how children cope with stress and summarizes practices that parents can use to help a child deal with stress.

Ideas for "No-Cook" Food Bags

Disaster Preparedness

In preparation for an emergency, keep the following food items that do not need refrigeration on hand or in an evacuation kit.

Removing Mold From Household Items

By: Pamela Turner, Melanie Badding, Jackie Ogden, Sarah Kirby

This publication provides recommendations for removing mold from most household items.

Extension Models: Exploring Proactive and Reactive Approaches

By: Joseph Donaldson

This publication provides definitions of the Program Planning and Evaluation Model and the Reactive Programming Model for Extension work and how these models inform the work of NC State Extension.