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Chapter 10: Weed Management

By: Chris Reberg-Horton, Charlie Cahoon

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide discusses cultural, mechanical and chemical tactics used for weed control in organic farming.

Managing Cereal Rye for Benefits in Cotton and Soybeans

By: Rachel Vann, Charlie Cahoon, Guy Collins

This publication discusses the use of cereal rye as a cover crop in soybeans in cotton to determine the effects on weed suppression and soil moisture retention in relation to yields.

Challenges with Herbicide Resistance and Value of Cultural Practices in Managing Weeds: Examples from Research in North Carolina

By: Ramon Leon, David Jordan, Katie Jennings, David Monks, Matthew Vann, Loren Fisher, Wesley Everman, Charlie Cahoon, Matt Inman, Chris Reberg-Horton, Rachel Vann, Denis Mahoney, Drew Hare, Alan York

A few weed species in North Carolina have become pervasive across the state and are frequently found in different crops. They form dense populations and reduce yields, making production more challenging. This publication discusses herbicide-resistant biotypes in agronomic and vegetable crops in North Carolina and reviews herbicide resistance management recommendations.