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2020 Cotton Information

By: Keith Edmisten, Guy Collins, Alan York, David Hardy, Dominic Reisig, Gary Bullen, Lindsey Thiessen, Rachel Vann, Charlie Cahoon, Bill Foote, Derek Washburn

2020 Cotton Information is meant to help growers plan for the coming year and make management decisions based on the unique opportunities and challenges the year might bring.

Cotton Production with Conservation Tillage

By: Alan York, Keith Edmisten, Guy Collins, Rachel Vann, Alan York, Bill Foote

This publication, chapter 13 of the 2020 Cotton Information handbook, covers the role of conservation tillage as it relates to cotton production.

Soybean Cold Damage

By: Rachel Vann, Donald Stokes

Cold damage in soybeans can emerge early or late in the season. This publication describes the symptoms and management of cold damage in soybeans in North Carolina.

How Have Foliar Treatments Affected Soybean Yields in North Carolina Trials?

By: Rachel Vann, Jim Dunphy, Lindsey Thiessen, Michael Buffaloe

This publication discusses the trends identified by research on the impacts of foliar fungicides and fertilizers on soybean yields in various environments across North Carolina.

Soybean Deer Damage

By: Rachel Vann, Donald Stokes

This factsheet discusses recognizing and treating soybeans that have been damaged by deer in North Carolina.

Challenges with Herbicide Resistance and Value of Cultural Practices in Managing Weeds: Examples from Research in North Carolina

By: Ramon Leon, David Jordan, Katie Jennings, David Monks, Matthew Vann, Loren Fisher, Wesley Everman, Charlie Cahoon, Matt Inman, Chris Reberg-Horton, Rachel Vann, Denis Mahoney, Drew Hare, Alan York

A few weed species in North Carolina have become pervasive across the state and are frequently found in different crops. They form dense populations and reduce yields, making production more challenging. This publication discusses herbicide-resistant biotypes in agronomic and vegetable crops in North Carolina and reviews herbicide resistance management recommendations.

Biomass Production With Legume and Small Grain Cover Crop Mixtures in North Carolina: Research Summary

By: Rachel Vann, Chris Reberg-Horton, Miguel Castillo, Steven Mirsky, Rebecca McGee

This publication discusses a study to compare five winter pea genotypes to crimson clover and hairy vetch for biomass production in mixture with various small grains.

Nonfoliar Yield Enhancement Products in North Carolina Soybeans

By: Rachel Vann, Jim Dunphy, Lindsey Thiessen, Michael Buffaloe

This publication discusses trends identified in how nonfoliar yield enhancement products affected soybean yield over the past five years across 15 locations in North Carolina.

Managing Cereal Rye for Benefits in Cotton and Soybeans

By: Rachel Vann, Charlie Cahoon, Guy Collins

This publication discusses the use of cereal rye as a cover crop in soybeans in cotton to determine the effects on weed suppression and soil moisture retention in relation to yields.

Organic Cotton Research in North Carolina

By: Rachel Vann, Kelli Dale, Chris Reberg-Horton

This publication discusses a study that sought to investigate alternatives to sole reliance on mechanical cultivation for weed control in organic cotton production, and to evaluate experimental varieties for use in organic cotton production.