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2019 Flue-Cured Tobacco Guide

By: Blake Brown, Jonathan Phillips, Grant Ellington, Loren Fisher, Matthew Vann, Matt Inman, Kenneth Barnes, Rick Seagroves, Scott Whitley, W. David Smith, Hannah Burrack, Catherine LePrevost, Lindsey Thiessen, Aurora Toennisson, Gary Bullen, Will Snell

This guide for growers, updated annually, provides information on production and pest management practices applicable to growing flue-cured tobacco in North Carolina.

2019 Cotton Information

By: Keith Edmisten, Guy Collins, Carl Crozier, Alan York, David Hardy, Dominic Reisig, Gary Bullen, Lindsey Thiessen, Rachel Atwell Vann, Charlie Cahoon, Bill Foote

2019 Cotton Information is meant to help growers plan for the coming year and make management decisions based on the unique opportunities and challenges the year might bring.

Soybean Production and Marketing in North Carolina

By: Nick Piggott, Gary Bullen, Jim Dunphy, Wesley Everman, Derek Washburn

This publication, chapter 2 of the North Carolina Soybean Production Guide, discusses the soybean market in the United States and managing price risk for North Carolina soybean farmers.

North Carolina Soybean Production Guide

By: Katherine Drake Stowe, Carl Crozier, Gary Bullen, Jim Dunphy, Wesley Everman, David Hardy, Deanna Osmond, Nick Piggott, Sandeep Rana, Dominic Reisig, Gary Roberson, Brandon Schrage, Lindsey Thiessen, Derek Washburn

This publication provides information to growers about soybean production in North Carolina. It discusses economic trends and forecasts, cultural practices, variety selection, planting decisions, nutrient management, diseases and pests, and other production practices.

2019 Cotton Cost of Production

By: Gary Bullen

This publication, chapter 1 of the 2019 Cotton Information handbook, provides information about the costs of cotton production in 2019.

Buying Local: A Guide for Retail and Wholesale Buyers

By: Dara Bloom, Joanna Lelekacs, Brandi Leach, Gary Bullen, Annaliese Gregory Local Foods

This publication provides guidance to retail and wholesale buyers about purchasing local foods for grocery stores.

Qualifying and Quantifying Your Personal Agritourism Potential

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

There are a number of questions that must be asked and honestly answered when considering whether to start and operate an agritourism operation. For example, you should evaluate factors such as personal characteristics and skills, target markets, market potential, land and property resources and characteristics, individual and family goals, time and labor considerations, and financial needs and resources. An honest evaluation of these factors will help you understand your potential for success.

Agritourism, Your Way

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

Agricultural tourism increases the potential for on farm sales with value-adding products and services, further diversifying the product line of the farm operation. There are three agritourism basics: have something for visitors to see, something for them to do and something for them to buy. There are many activities that can be incorporated into agritourism. Most successful ventures started with one idea, perfected it and then moved on to add the next idea. This diversification offers farmers benefits including increased revenue, an opportunity to educate the public, and a new way of marketing products and services. Agritourism offers tourists unique experiences, a connection with where their food comes from, and cultural or heritage experiences. Planning a successful agritourism enterprise includes: business planning, marketing, learning legal rules and regulations, assessing risk and safety considerations, and considering customer satisfaction.

Community Service

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

Good owners and managers of businesses are very involved with their communities. They volunteer to help rather than waiting to be asked. They look for good community causes and then work to develop good relationships with others who support those causes. Successful business people look for the needs within the community, and ways in which they can assist. Your purpose is to help your community. However, as a result of your commitment, wonderful opportunities often present themselves. Through your community involvement, you can also maximize your business's exposure.

Considering an Agritourism Enterprise?

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

Agritourism – also known as farm tourism, agri-tainment, agricultural tourism, or agrotourism – has a long history in America. Because of the generation gap between farm and non-farm families, the demand for a slower paced farm experience has now become the catalyst for farm-based recreation to become an important business. Agritourism has become a tool that has a direct economic impact on farms and the surrounding communities.

Marketing Your Agritourism Enterprise

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

Agritourism venues require a significant amount of planning, marketing, and promotion to create successful enterprises. The primary focus of all marketing and promotion activities is to inform potential visitors about the operation and its activities and to attract visitors to the farm. Marketing involves the identification of a potential customer’s needs and wants. This requires thorough planning and execution with focus on identifying a target audience and their needs, attracting the targeted audience to the farm, getting the targeted audience to spend their money by selling to their needs and wants, and creating an inviting environment that will cause the targeted audience to come back again. A marketing plan includes researching the potential market for the products, setting financial goals, establishing a marketing mix, developing a budget, monitoring customer response, making a contingency plan, and making a list of tasks necessary to put the plan into action.

Risk Assessment and Management

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

What types of risk are you taking on when you engage in agritourism? The first risk normally thought of is liability. While liability is extremely important, other types of risk are also important for you to consider. To be successful, you must correctly assess and manage risk.

Situation and Outlook

By: Blake Brown, Gary Bullen, David Jordan, Derek Washburn

This publication, chapter 1 of the 2019 Peanut Information handbook, describes the current landscape of peanut production in North Carolina.

Organic Peanut Production

By: David Jordan, Barbara Shew, Rick Brandenburg, Chris Reberg-Horton, Gary Bullen, Derek Washburn, Amanda Kaufman, Lisa Dean, Bob Sutter

This publication, chapter 12 of the 2019 Peanut Information handbook, discusses organic production of peanuts in North Carolina.

Customer Service

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

Customer service encompasses many things including appearance of your operation, reception the customer receives, knowledge of your employees, accuracy of directions and ease of accessibility. While satisfied customers will provide repeat business and attract more customers to your business, dissatisfied customers won't return and they may discourage potential customers from visiting your business. Steps to improve customer service include: developing a written customer plan, identifying your customers, and determining what it will take to satisfy them. If you fall short of full satisfaction, you need to know how to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Promoting Your Agritourism Business

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

The basis of any promotional program is product excellence. If your product or operation is excellent, promotion will enhance your sales. If your product is poor, all the advertising in the world will not help. This publication offers some suggestions for promoting your agritourism business.

Regulations That May Affect Your Agritourism Enterprise

By: Kent Wolfe, Gary Bullen A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

A wide variety of regulations may affect agritourism enterprise operations. The affect of regulations may depend on the type of attractions offered, location of the enterprise, whether employees are hired and a number of other factors specific to each enterprise. These regulations may be imposed at the federal, state and local levels of government. It is important to investigate all regulations applicable to your agritourism enterprise in order to avoid penalties, fines or interruptions to you business. This resource document provides an introduction to a number of regulations that may impact agritourism operations.