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Forest Health - Community Wealth

By: Rick Hamilton, Elizabeth Hughes, Mark Megalos Forest*A*Syst

This Forest*A*Syst publication is meant as a personal, confidential learning tool that will help you achieve your goals for forest ownership. First, answer the self-assessment questions on page 2 to determine where you interests lie, and then continue reading to learn practical ways of pursuing these interests. To gather more information, review the sources of information in the Getting Help section and tap these sources to learn even more. Also, don't forget to follow the directions for developing a management plan tailored to your dreams for your forest.

SIP Wildlife Opportunities

By: Mark Megalos, Elizabeth Hughes, Brent Wilson Working with Wildlife

The Stewardship Incentive Program (SIP) is a new program for private landowners interested in the long-term improvement of their total forest environment. SIP provides financial assistance to enhance or improve: soil productivity, water quality, fisheries and wildlife habitat, timber resources, recreation and forest beauty.