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Forages for North Carolina: General Guidelines and Concepts

By: Miguel Castillo, Paul Mueller, Jim Green

This publication is an overview of forage species and their use in livestock production systems in North Carolina.

Matching Forages to the Nutrient Needs of Meat Goats

By: Paul Mueller, Matt Poore, JM Luginbuhl, Jim Green

Grazing behavior and nutrient requirements in forages for meat goats is discussed in this factsheet.

Grazing Practices: A Review of the Literature

By: Deanna Osmond, David Michael Butler, Noah Ranells, Matt Poore, Ada Wossink, Jim Green

This technical bulletin reviews earlier research that evaluates the influence of grazing livestock, primarily beef cattle, on water quality. This publication will help producers make informed choices and consider strategies to protect water quality and maintain productive pasture-based livestock operations.