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Forage Conservation Techniques: Hay Production

By: J. J. Romero, Miguel Castillo, J. C. Burns, Paul Mueller, Jim Green

This publication addresses aspects of hay production as a method of conserving forage crops.

Bermudagrass Management in North Carolina

By: Paul Mueller, Jim Green, Rick Brandenburg, D. S. Chamblee, J. C. Burns, J. E. Bailey

This publication covers the different types of bermudagrass, uses of bermudagrasses, planting methods and the grasses' pests and diseases.

Cool-Season Forage Hays: Nutritive Value and Quality

By: J. C. Burns, D. S. Fisher, E. S. Leonard

This bulletin publishes the results of 10 experiments that addressed aspects of nutritive value (i.e., laboratory estimates of dry matter disappearance and chemical composition) and quality (i.e., animal responses) of cool-season perennial forages preserved as hay. The focus of this bulletin is the evaluation of tall fescue cultivars, forage maturity, drying methods, and diurnal changes in forages. However, experiments on other forages (i.e., reed canarygrass and alfalfa) have also been included. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide original research data in a summarized format, with associated methodology, for future reference.