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Adaptive Wheat Management: Increasing Wheat Yield by Adjusting for Weather Conditions

By: Ron Heiniger, Matthew Tilley, Joseph Oakes, Angela Post, Gail Wilkerson

Variable growing environments for wheat can lead to challenges from one season to another. Adaptive management is a system of adjusting management practices based on weather fluctuations. This publication provides information on how environmental extremes influence wheat growth and how to implement adaptive management practices for optimal wheat yield.

2016 Wheat Variety Performance and Recommendations

By: Angela Post, Christina Cowger SmartGrains

This publications offers the latest wheat recommendations based on variety tests conducted in North Carolina in the last few years.

NC Industrial Hemp Posters

By: Angela Post

Posters available to print regarding industrial hemp in North Carolina.

Industrial Hemp in North Carolina: A Guide to Understanding and Evaluating Contracts

By: Marne Coit, Robert Elliott, Angela Post

This guide provides an overview of contraction options for the growing industrial hemp industry in North Carolina. It offers insight into common contract provisions and highlights provisions that may need careful evaluation.

Phosphorus Deficiency of Carinata

By: Angela Post, Paul Cockson, Carl Crozier, Ramon Leon, Brian Whipker, Michael Mulvaney From the Field - Agronomy Notes

In this Brassica carinata (Ethiopian mustard) update, we highlight the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency. These images are part of a project by the Southeast Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata (SPARC) to develop a diagnostic series for the identification of nutrient disorders of Carinata. Carinata is an exciting new crop used for a wide variety of primary and secondary agricultural products including cover crops, feed stock, high protein meal, and rocket jet fuel. It is similar in management to Canola given both Canola and Carinata are winter annual Brassica oilseed crops.

Scouting for Freeze Injury in Winter Wheat

By: Angela Post, Ryan Heiniger

This publication covers the signs and symptoms of freeze injury in winter wheat.