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Excerpt of Mooving Milk From the Farm to the Fridge

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

4-H “Mooving Milk from Farm to Fridge” is a Cloverbud curriculum developed in partnership with the North Carolina State University Department of Animal Science, The Randleigh Dairy Heritage Museum, and The Dairy Alliance. In this unit, youth trace Clover the Cow’s growth from calf to dairy cow. Along the way, they learn about the dairy industry and how dairy foods can contribute to a healthy diet. The lessons in the unit feature dramatic roleplay, math, science, social studies, and literacy activities as well as · Coloring pages to go with each lesson see Appendix C, page 217 · Take home activities so Cloverbuds can share their learning with caregivers · Materials to reach a range of Cloverbud ages and skillsets to accompany each lesson · A shared-reading book about milk safety · Numerous suggestions for multimedia learning and extension activities

Excerpt of Hive Helpers - 4th Grade Facilitators Guide

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Hive Helpers curriculum - 4th Grade Facilitators Guide by NC 4-H, NC State Extension, and Syngenta. Every spring and summer, youth and adults alike enjoy sweet-smelling flowers and listening to the buzzing sound that comes from the rapidly beating wings of busy bees. Through a series of seven lessons and multiple experiential activities, youth will learn how critical bees are to our agricultural industry and native ecosystems. They will explore different types of bees, their structures and functions, how they forage for food, pollinate plants and the ways bees share information. Youth will study native bees and the honey bee and discover the significant role they play in production of delicious and healthy food that humans have been eating for centuries; such as apples, blueberries, cherries, watermelons, almonds.

Excerpt of I Am an Ecosystem Curriculum

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Excerpt of the curriculum, I Am An Ecosystem - An Elementary Introduction to Microbes. This curriculum was developed through funds from a USDA-NIFA Grant (Award # 2012-68003-19621) titled “Development of Novel Salmonella Control Practices and Integrated Education Program to Reduce Salmonellosis.” Research Principal Investigators include Dr. Hosni Hassan, Dr. Matthew Koci at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Andrea Azcarate-Peril at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Extension and education components for this grant were provided by North Carolina 4-H and the North Carolina Kenan Fellows Program, both at North Carolina State University.

Excerpt of The Busy World of Bees

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

The Busy World of Bees Curriculum - First Grade Educator's Guide by NC 4-H, NC State Extension, and Syngenta.

Excerpt of Soil Solutions Curriculum

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Soil Solutions curriculum by NC 4-H, NC State Extension, and North Carolina State University 4-H Plant and Soil Sciences. Soil Solutions brims with hands-on science lessons that utilize the local school landscape to connect students to the world of soils and plants in an inviting and relevant way. Students will discover the soil beneath their feet, watch as a basil seed germinates before their eyes, and nibble on nutritious and delicious salad greens they have grown themselves. Activities are structured to foster wonder and curiosity and encourage ways to turn student questions into investigations. The teacher’s role becomes one of a collaborator and a partner in inquiry with their students. Aligned to meet North Carolina’s third-grade science standard course of study in plant and soils, the curriculum draws from current research and knowledge in crops, horticulture, and soil sciences.

Excerpt of Be A Bone Builder

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Excerpt of the Be A Bone Builder Curriculum by NC 4-H, NC State Extension, and the NC Osteoporosis Foundation.

Excerpt of Astronomy - Shoot for the Stars

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Welcome to Astronomy: Shoot for the Stars. This publication was designed to meet the needs of our residential 4-H camps in North Carolina and was developed with an emphasis on youth discovering knowledge through experimentation. In particular, the lessons in this publication allow for both daytime and nighttime activities. This publication is a collaboration of the Science House located in the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and 4-H located in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Funding for this publication was provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The publication was piloted during the summer of 2008 and changes made in accordance with evaluations. This curriculum is currently undergoing revisions as of December 2023. Check back for updates.

Excerpt of Cooking Up Confidence

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

North Carolina 4-H would like to thank the North Carolina Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) at NC State University for its partnership in the development of Cooking Up Confidence. This cookbook was developed as a skill builder for young people to further the enjoyment of cooking and nutrition.

Excerpt of Bug Out - Leader's Guide

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Excerpt of Bug Out curriculum - Leader's Guide by NC 4-H, NC State Extension, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Excerpt of Vermicomposting Leader's Guide

4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

Vermicomposting Leader's Guide - School Enrichment Curriculum by NC 4-H and NC State Extension. The 4-H Vermicomposting Curriculum offers children an opportunity to learn how earthworms can recycle waste into a valuable resource that enriches the soil and makes plants healthy. The information in this curriculum may be used to teach children of all ages in a variety of settings, such as school classrooms, homeschools, places of worship, clubs, camps, and after school programs.

Excerpt of Winged Wonders

By: Liz Driscoll 4-H Curriculum: Grades K-5

In this curriculum, youth will observe the wonders of the natural world unfolding in front of them by raising painted lady butterflies from larva through adulthood. Youth will experience the mystery of the butterfly life cycle while engaging in hands-on activities that explore concepts of insect structures and functions, compare insect behaviors and life cycles, and demonstrate the role everyone can play in environmental stewardship.