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Excerpt of Energy Transformation Curriculum

4-H Curriculum: Grades 6-8

Excerpt of Energy Transformation curriculum by NC 4-H and NC State Extension. Supported by Duke Energy, Progress Energy, and E-Conservation.

Exploring the Built Environment: An Introduction to Architecture

4-H Curriculum: Grades 6-8

Excerpt of Exploring the Built Environment: An Introduction to Architecture curriculum. By NC State Extension and NC 4-H. Designed to introduce youth to the fine art of architecture and the mathematical principles involved in the field, students will discover how nature is a common form of inspiration in building design, observe how they experience personal and public space, recognize the role that visualization plays in the design process, and explore ancient and modern icons in architecture. Using the 4-H Experiential Learning Model of Instruction, youth will become familiar with the art and science of building by first exploring their own personal living spaces and then making connections and generalizations about places for work and play in their community.

Excerpt of Safety through Design curriculum

4-H Curriculum: Grades 6-8

Excerpt of Safety through Design curriculum. Welcome to On Track for Learning – Safety through Design. This curriculum is developed for middle school-aged youth. In using this curriculum with your 4-H’ers, we have found that the members enjoy the experiences more if you are prescriptive only where necessary. The curriculum has several resources that when used with the curriculum serves to heighten the experience. The curriculum kit contains nearly all of the items you will need to conduct the lessons. Training is also provided as we recognize that leaders often times have subject matter to convey that they are not as familiar with. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are basic to our life and studies show that the future job market is in these areas. This curriculum was developed in partnership with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering within the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University.

Excerpt of Microbes On My Mind

4-H Curriculum: Grades 6-8

This curriculum was developed through funds from a USDA-NIFA Grant (Award # 2012-68003-19621) titled “Development of Novel Salmonella Control Practices and Integrated Education Program to Reduce Salmonellosis.” Research Principal Investigators include Dr. Hosni Hassan, Dr. Matthew Koci at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Andrea Azcarate-Peril at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Extension and education components for this grant were provided by North Carolina 4-H and the North Carolina Kenan Fellows Program, both at North Carolina State University.