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Organic Edamame Production

By: Molly Hamilton CEFS Field Notes for Farmers

This field note for farmers describes organic production of edamame, large-seeded vegetable soybeans. Topics covered include variety selection, planting, pest management, harvesting, and marketing. Included are variety trial results conducted at the Center for Environmental Systems (CEFS) in 2003. Results include germination rates, yield information, and harvest dates for 12 edamame cultivars.

Using Planted Habitat on Farms To Increase Insect Biological Control

By: David Orr, Michael Linker, Lisa Forehand CEFS Field Notes for Farmers

This special topic has three components: Part 1. Using Beneficial Insect Habitat on the Farm: An Introduction; Part 2. Evaluating the Quality of Commercial Beneficial Insect Habitat; Part 3. Beneficial Insects Attracted to Planted Habitat: Do They Contribute to Pest Insect Control?

Compost Production and Use in Sustainable Farming Systems

By: Nathan McClintock CEFS Field Notes for Farmers

This field note for farmers published by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) describes the composting process, how to make compost, and how to use it. Included are instructions for determining an application rate and the results of research by CEFS on integrating cover crops and compost.