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Improving Storage and Handling of Pesticides

By: Rich McLaughlin Farm*A*Syst

This question and answer worksheet for farmers explains best management practices for pesticide storage and containment. Topics covered include proper storage techniques, pesticide mobility, pesticide mixing sites, following pesticide label instructions, disposal of pesticide containers and how to handle an accidental pesticide spill.

Grazing Livestock and Water Quality

By: Noah N. Ranalls, Jim Green, Matt Poore, Roger Hansard, Janet Young Farm*A*Syst

This question and answer worksheet for farmers describes grazing practices and how they affect the sustainability of a livestock operation and water quality. Grazing management, riparian area management and nutrient management best practices are discussed.

Managing Pests

By: Michael Linker Farm*A*Syst

This question and answer worksheet is designed to help farmers evaluate their pest management practices and figure out how to implement an effective pest management program. Pest identification, life cycles, pesticide application, soil testing and implemented integrated pest management are discussed in the publication.

Christmas Tree Production Best Management Practices to Protect Water Quality and the Environment

By: Jeff Owen, Rich McLaughlin Farm*A*Syst

This question and answer worksheet for Christmas tree growers describes best management practices to minimize the environmental impacts of production. Farm roads, field borders and stream buffers, pest scouting, safe pesticide application, managing ground covers, nutrient management plans and pesticide storage and disposal are covered in this publication.