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Leaching Fraction: A Tool to Schedule Irrigation for Container-Grown Nursery Crops

By: Jim Owen Jr., Anthony LeBude, Amy Fulcher, Jane Stanley, Loren Oki

Monitoring leachate can be a helpful tool to successfully schedule irrigation and avoid the inefficiencies associated with over-irrigation. This publication, a collaboration between several states, describes irrigation scheduling and the factors that affect it, explains the concept of leaching and methods for measuring leaching fraction and how to use that information to schedule irrigation, and illustrates how to manage high salinity in irrigation source water through leaching.

Managing Storm and Disaster Damage in Landscapes and Nurseries

By: Anthony LeBude, Joe Neal, Barbara Fair, Tom Ranney, Danny Lauderdale, Mark Weathington, Steven Frank, Inga Meadows, Sara Villani, Amy Fulcher, Jim Owen, Sarah White, J.C. Chong, Chris Ranger, Christopher Werle, James Atland

This publication is a compilation of ideas from a few specialists based on research, reports in the landscape, experience, and intuition on how to manage storm and disaster damage in landscapes and nurseries.