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Excerpt of Natural Selection to Classification: Building on Concepts

By: Alexander Krings 4-H Curriculum: Grades 9-12

Excerpt - From Natural Selection to Classification: Building on Concepts. Beginner + Grades 9-12, Facilitator's Guide. By NC 4-H and NC State Extension. How could we communicate information, much less build knowledge, without agreement on what to call things?! The world would be chaos! In large part due to necessity, humans have been classifying organisms in one way or another for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, how we classify, and consequently our resulting classification systems, have changed considerably over time. In this series of activities, youth will have the opportunity, to engage in the study of natural selection and the taxonomic process, leading ultimately to the development of their own classification trees, classifications, and taxonomic guides. Rather than employing abstract or artificial creatures to reinforce key concepts, the activities are based on species native to the Southeast, contributing to building local knowledge and a sense of “place” in youth.