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Planting Guide for Forage Crops in North Carolina

By: Miguel Castillo, Becky Spearman, Dan Wells, Kim Woods

This planting guide provides the best available information about planting rates, depths, and stand evaluation for forage crops commonly grown in North Carolina.

Certification Training for Operators of Animal Waste Systems - Type B

By: Karl Shaffer, Beth Buffington, David Crouse, Eileen Coite, Tiffanee Conrad, Stefani Garbacik, Amanda Hatcher, Eve Honeycutt, Diana Rashash, Margaret Ross, Becky Spearman, Randy Wood, Kim Woods

This training program is designed to provide operators of animal waste management systems with the basic understanding needed to operate and maintain these systems in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. This manual is not intended to provide all of the technical details for the complete design of a waste management system or an approved animal waste management plan.