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Mugwort or Chrysanthemum Weed (Artemisia vulgaris)

By: Joseph C. Neal

This factsheet covers the identification, distribution, and control of Mugwort (also known as chrysanthemum weed), an aggressive, perennial weed that spreads by persistent rhizomes.

Controlling Sedges in Landscape Plantings

By: Joseph C. Neal Horticulture Information Leaflets

More than 40 sedge species may be found in North Carolina landscapes. Although grass-like in many ways, and the nutsedges are often referred to as “nutgrass”, they are not grasses and require different control measures than grasses. Sedges are easily distinguished from grasses by their leafy shoots that produce leaves in “3s” resulting in stems that are triangular in cross section. In contrast, shoots of grasses are flat or round in cross section.