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Disease and Insect Management in the Home Orchard

By: Dave Ritchie, Jim Walgenbach Fruit Disease Information

Homeowners who grow fruit in backyards or small orchards find that disease and insect pests often ruin the crop and in some instances damage the tree itself. This publication covers common diseases and insect issues in backyard orchards in North Carolina.

Insect and Disease Control of Fruits

By: Jim Walgenbach, Sara Villani, Steven Frank, Dominic Reisig, Katie Jennings, Bill Cline, Meredith Favre, Dave Ritchie

This publication covers insect and disease control in apples, blueberries, caneberries, grapes, peaches, pecans and strawberries.

Fig Diseases in North Carolina

By: Dave Ritchie Fruit Disease Information

This fruit disease information factsheet discusses several disease problems when growing figs in North Carolina.

Peach Cultivars

By: Dennis Werner, Dave Ritchie

The purpose of this bulletin is to summarize the specific characteristics of the cultivars released by the NCARS. A brief description of the important characteristics will be followed by a review of each cultivar in order of ripening sequence. Ripening dates provided are average dates calculated from years of observation at the Sandhills Research Station.