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Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

By: David Lindbo, Jonathan Godfrey, Diana Rashash SoilFacts

This publication describes common causes for septic tank failures and suggests steps you can take to prevent failure of your system.

Saltwater Intrusion in Agricultural Fields in Northeastern North Carolina and Potential Remediation Options

By: Diana Rashash, Alex Manda, Carl Crozier, Luke Gatiboni SoilFacts

This publication discusses the effects of saltwater intrusion on soil fertility, how to identify issues with salt-affected soils, and various options to address these problems.

Certification Training for Operators of Animal Waste Systems - Type B

By: Karl Shaffer, Beth Buffington, David Crouse, Eileen Coite, Tiffanee Conrad, Stefani Garbacik, Amanda Hatcher, Eve Honeycutt, Diana Rashash, Margaret Ross, Becky Spearman, Randy Wood, Kim Woods

This training program is designed to provide operators of animal waste management systems with the basic understanding needed to operate and maintain these systems in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. This manual is not intended to provide all of the technical details for the complete design of a waste management system or an approved animal waste management plan.