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Thawing Food Safely

By: Alice Pettitt For Safety's Sake

This factsheet describes how to safely thaw frozen foods.

Pickle and Pickle Product Problems

By: Judy Henderson, Rose Massey, Lillie Tunstall, Carrie Thompson For Safety's Sake

This guide lists the problems that can arise in making sweet gherkin pickles and describes how to prevent them by taking precautions during each step in the process, from preparing the cucumbers to making the brine and packing the pickles.

Measuring the Heat

By: Sally McNeill R.D. , L.D.N. For Safety's Sake

Temperature control is an important aspect of food safety and using a thermometer is an important part of temperature control. Knowing how to use and calibrate a thermometer is something every food handler should know. This fact sheet will help guide you through the basics of selecting, using, and calibrating several types of foodservice thermometers.

Cool Hot Foods

By: Sandra Woodard For Safety's Sake

Instructions for safely handling cooled hot foods.

Meeting the Press: An Agent's Guide to Media Relations

By: Celia Beauchamp M.S., R.D., LDN For Safety's Sake

This factsheet provides guidance to Extension agents on best practices when dealing with media like newspapers, magazines, or local news.

Food Safety Tips for Large Gatherings

For Safety's Sake

This factsheet provides guidance on how to ensure foods are safe when preparing large amounts for gatherings.