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Common Ragweed: A Problem Weed in NC Fraser Fir Production

By: Joe Neal, Jeff Owen

This factsheet provides information about control strategies for dealing with common ragweed, particularly for Fraser fir production operations.

Soil Testing and Interpretation of Results for Christmas Tree Plantations

By: Craig McKinley, James Shelton, Ray Tucker, Jeff Owen, Craig McKinnley Christmas Tree Notes

This factsheet provides general guidelines for obtaining soil samples in Christmas tree fields, a summary of soil test result categories, and information for evaluating those results to develop an efficient Christmas tree fertilization program.

Selecting Sites for Fraser Fir Production

By: Jeff Owen Christmas Tree Notes

This publication covers a full range of site factors that can help growers avoid Phytophthroa root rot disease and other production issues. Readers will better understand the influence of topography and landscape positon on the movement of soil water in their fields. Activities and tools that can help a grower assess a new site are dicussed.

Working Safely: Ergonomic Issues in Christmas Tree Harvest

By: Jeff Owen Christmas Tree Notes

This publication discusses ergonomic practices that can be implemented during Christmas tree harvests to reduce and avoid typical injuries.

Christmas Tree Production Best Management Practices to Protect Water Quality and the Environment

By: Jeff Owen Farm*A*Syst

This publication identifies best management practices (BMP's) that protect water quality and the environment on Christmas tree farms in North Carolina. Profitable Christmas tree production can go hand-in-hand with sustainable goals that protect land and water resources. Several water quality BMP's described here also have the potential to slow the spread of Phytophthora root rot, a dire soil-borne disease that threatens Christmas tree production. BMP's are identified for road construction, stream buffers, site preparation, scouting-based pesticide decisions, selecting least-toxic pesticides, weed and ground cover management, fertilizer management, pesticide handling and storage, and well head protection. Growers who invest in BMP’s usually show a greater long-term profit because their land is maintained at higher productivity. With a multiple choice question for each BMP, readers can evaluate their level of compliance with each practice.

Selection and Care of Christmas Trees

By: Craig McKinley, Jeff Owen Christmas Tree Notes

This factsheet covers selecting the right Christmas tree for your needs, as well as caring for your tree after purchase.