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Using Root Wads and Rock Vanes for Streambank Stabilization

By: Will Harman, Rachel Smith River Course

This factsheet provides design information on using root wads and rock vanes for streambank stabilization. Before these structures can be used, the designer must know the cause of the instability and if the problem is local or system wide.

Natural Stream Processes

By: Greg Jennings, Will Harman River Course

This publication provides information and describes technologies based on natural stream processes that can be used to restore impaired streams.

Application of the Rosgen Stream Classification to North Carolina

By: Greg Jennings, Will Harman River Course

Restoration of impaired streams begins with an understanding of the watershed’s current condition and stream potential. Stream classification offers a way to categorize streams based on channel morphology. This factsheet focuses on a classification system popular with hydrologists, engineers, and biologists—the Rosgen stream classification system.