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How to Monitor Streambank Erosion and Estimate Resulting Sediment and Nutrient Loads

By: Layla El-Khoury, Barbara Doll, Jack Kurki-Fox

This publication explains how to measure streambank erosion and the resulting effect on sediment and nutrient loads. It includes instructions for the following erosion measurement methods: measuring the same cross-section of a streambank over time to see how much it has eroded; surveying the top edge of the bank to estimate erosion if cross-section data is unavailable; and using geospatial analysis and aerial photos taken at different times to calculate how much the streambank has moved.

Interpreting Freeze / Frost Probabilities from the National Centers for Environmental Information

By: Natalie Nelson, Layla El-Khoury, Mike Boyette

This publication discusses how to find information about frost and freeze probability data in North Carolina and how to use these resources to make planting and harvesting decisions.