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Evaluation of Variety, Row Spacing, and Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates on Sesame Yields in North Carolina

By: Marcela Chavez, Angela Post, David Suchoff

With growing demand for sesame and production limitations in traditional sesame-producing states, there is a need to explore new areas suitable for producing sesame in the United States. This publication discusses research findings that demonstrate the feasibility of sesame production in North Carolina. Topics include yield results related to row spacing, variety, and nitrogen rates.

Screening Sesame for Resistance to Multiple Root-Knot Nematode Species

By: David Suchoff, Adrienne Gorny, Marcela Chavez, Angela Post

This publication discusses the results of greenhouse trials that screened seven sesame varieties for resistance to North Carolina's most common root-knot nematode species. The results of this research will help determine if sesame may play a role in crop rotations for producers managing these pests.