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Hose Drag Systems for Land Application of Liquid Manure and Wastewater

By: Garry Grabow, Karl Shaffer, Sanjay Shah

This publication describes hose drag systems and their operation as used to apply animal waste and wastewater in North Carolina.

Phosphorus Management for Land Application of Biosolids and Animal Waste

By: Steph Kulesza, Luke Gatiboni, Karl Shaffer, Deanna Osmond, Sanjay Shah SoilFacts

This publication addresses nutrient management concerns as they relate to land application of animal wastes, municipal biosolids, industrial residuals and agricultural by-products, with a focus on phosphorus application and its impact on the environment. Methods for reducing phosphorus loss from land application sites are presented as general guidance for managers of land application systems, who must be knowledgeable of regulatory issues and permit restrictions as they relate to phosphorus and nutrient management.

Certification Training for Operators of Animal Waste Systems - Type B

By: Karl Shaffer, Beth Buffington, David Crouse, Eileen Coite, Tiffanee Conrad, Stefani Garbacik, Amanda Hatcher, Eve Honeycutt, Diana Rashash, Margaret Ross, Becky Spearman, Randy Wood, Kim Woods

This training program is designed to provide operators of animal waste management systems with the basic understanding needed to operate and maintain these systems in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. This manual is not intended to provide all of the technical details for the complete design of a waste management system or an approved animal waste management plan.

Hose-Drag Wastewater Equipment

By: Garry Grabow, Karl Shaffer, Sanjay Shah Field Calibration Procedures for Animal Wastewater Irrigation Equipment

Hose-drag-type equipment has gained popularity in recent years for land application of wastewater in North Carolina. It offers several advantages over traditional irrigation systems including odor reduction, nitrogen conservation, and a relatively high flow rate that cuts the application time. This publication explains calibration procedures for the “low-profile-type” discharge system and a “boom-type” system.

Irrigation Scheduling to Achieve Proper Application of Wastewater

By: Robert Evans, Karl Shaffer, R.E. Sheffield, Jonathan Smith

This publication provides guidelines and recommendations for proper irrigation scheduling of wastewater.