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Understanding Your Timber Basis

By: Mark Megalos, Guido van der Hoeven, Colby Lambert Eastern Forestry Notes

This note explains the benefits of establishing a timber basis for tax and casualty loss benefit. Step by step examples are offered for owners to understand the process of calculating a basis and adding and depleting it when managing or harvesting timber, respectively. Finally, a copy of the federal Internal Revenue Service Form T (Timber) is provided to show how to document the establishment of a basis with tax authorities or for your personal records.

New Reporting Rules for Lump-Sum Timber Sales

By: Guido van der Hoeven

On May 28, 2009, new rules for reporting of lump-sum timber sales went into effect. This document outlines these new rules.

Solar and Wind Energy Development Opportunities: Tax Implications

By: Guido van der Hoeven

This factsheet covers solar and wind energy tax implications for landowners, businesses, and government.

Federal Income Taxes for Timber Growers

By: Guido van der Hoeven, Rick Hamilton

This publication covers issues relative to taxation of timber sales and timber management in North Carolina.

Your Estate Plan - Where to Begin

By: Ted Feitshans, Mark Megalos, Sreedevi Gummuluri, Guido van der Hoeven Estate Planning in North Carolina

To begin an estate plan, identify your goals and gather needed information before seeking professional advice. Schedule a family meeting to begin shaping your objectives. The checklist of estate objectives and other guidance in this publication will help you begin.

Solar Generation Property Taxation

By: Guido van der Hoeven

This factsheet covers personal property tax evaluation for solar equipment on farms.